Malena & Associates is a versatile, full-service firm representing commercial and residential properties throughout San Diego and Southern California. We provide a diverse range of services unified by one common goal – our devotion to our clients and the betterment of their lives, the enhancement of their portfolio and the security of their financial future.

Our passion is to give them the personalized attention, strategies and focus needed to lead them to the best options available to support their personal and business goals.

We excel at positioning and educating our clients, keeping them well-informed, and helping them to navigate and understand the comprehensive catalog of commercial and residential listings available today.

At Malena & Associates we are creative, resourceful and passionate advocates for our clients, and have extensive experience helping business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, individuals, first-time buyers and families find the place that suits them best – and we look forward to doing the same for you.


We bring decades of expertise and creativity to every project, and have extensive experience negotiating on behalf of our clients in the buying, selling and leasing of commercial space. We service all product types, whether it be office, industrial, warehouse, retail, restaurant or development.

We get knee-deep in the analytics and numbers that will help you think big picture as well as in detail, for the short and long term, giving you a clear picture of what you are getting into.

We have the experience to anticipate all of the variables you may not be aware of, and by taking the time to learn more about you and your business, we are better equipped to find the space that is the right fit for your needs.

We are confident that with our market knowledge and industry relationships we can find you your ideal space.

For help with Commercial property searches, please email us.


We believe that relationships matter.

Let’s face it – buying your home is often the biggest purchase you will ever make, and it takes a partner with experience, honesty, reliability and integrity to find you the perfect place and see you through the entire process in one piece.

We focus on the whole picture and the whole person, with estate planning in mind. Is it your forever home? Or are you only planning on living in it for the short term? Are you keeping it as an investment?

Asking these sorts of questions helps us guide clients either to or away from certain properties. While others may push for the sale or the buy, we only have your best interests in mind and will steer you away from a deal that is less than ideal.

Whether it’s a foreclosure, relocation, luxury home, rental property or turn-key home, we can help you find it.

We strive to customize every aspect of your real estate experience, and our hands-on, creative, professional and methodical approach enables us to deliver the finest results for you.


Malena’s non profit organization, Giving with Impact, is helping San Diego’s most vulnerable
Malena's Motto: See a need, fill a need!

Promoting the welfare of others is Malena’s true passion, and “See A Need, Fill A Need” is her life’s core philosophy. Over time, she has become involved with many non-profit and philanthropic organizations and has very recently launched her own. In 2020 she co-founded Giving with Impact, whose mission is to promote and coordinate collaborative and collective giving to those less fortunate.

By vetting local nonprofits and acting as matchmakers between donors and worthy charitable causes, Giving with Impact guides philanthropists, businesses and giving individuals on how to best leverage their time, talent and treasure to benefit those in need.

Connecting the right people to the right agencies has helped to foster local youth programs, affordable housing, emergency rent and utility assistance and environmental conservation. It has also had a positive impact on homelessness, domestic violence and workforce development. The needs are many and the donors are few, and Giving with Impact aims to do the groundwork and be the catalyst to improve as many lives as they can.

Additionally, Malena sits on the Boards of The Palomar College Foundation and the Rotary Club of Carlsbad. She also lends her time to North County Lifeline and multiple local community-based non-profits.


Malena’s talent is visualizing the potential for spaces
“My job is the math.” - Malena

Whether it’s an office, industrial or retail space, Malena is an expert guide and intimately familiar with the commercial market. She knows about lesser-known spots and up-and-coming locations for businesses that many haven’t considered before.

She grew up around blueprints, job sites and hard hats, and industrial, warehouse, manufacturing and mixed-use spaces are all second nature to her. She is an excellent partner in finding any commercial space.

With a master’s degree in psychology, Malena is able to intuitively understand what her clients want and need. She sees things differently than her peers and has the imagination and experience to recognize the untapped potential of a space. As a result, she can easily visualize how each space can benefit a diverse range of clients.

Whether it’s a doctor’s office handling biohazards, or a photo studio or coffee shop/brewery looking for a fun and funky open-ceilinged space, Malena can find any business a proper home.

Malena is scrappy, nimble and creative, and has an astounding work ethic. She is a passionate and resourceful advocate for her clients and is invested in their long-term welfare. By removing unforeseen obstacles and finding the right space for their businesses or their families, she impacts their lives in a very tangible way, which is her greatest reward.


"Malena is tireless in her search for her clients. She 100% puts your needs first. Making the deal at all costs isn’t her game, if that means it’s not right for her client. I came to her looking for both a commercial deal and a residential deal, and she helped me to see that I needed to do some work on my financials first and push this out a bit further in order to start stronger. No one else bothered to ask the questions she did or took an interest in the ‘whole’ picture of where I wanted to be and then even devise a plan for me to get there. I ended up with two properties that are making me money!"

Grant G.


"I can’t say enough good things about Malena and her team. She was my agent for a sale and a purchase. With her, I know I got the most money on my sale and paid the least for the purchase. She handles everything and is always one step ahead of the process. Always available and responsive!"

Alan M.


"It has been great to work with someone with so much understanding, integrity and professionalism as Malena. I consider her to be a super achiever in the industry. I would highly recommend Malena & Associates!"

Camilla Iverson


"Malena is a first-class Realtor who is driven to always provide the highest level of service with honesty and integrity. She knows her local market and will help you find the property that is right for you both as a home and an investment. Her background in home design and remodeling helps in every step of the home buying and selling process. I would highly recommend Malena for any of your real estate needs."

Shaun F.


"I couldn't be happier with Malena's services. I just moved into my new home this weekend, and I'm thankful that I had Malena working for (and with) me. She was extremely patient. (I had been looking for a place for over six months, and during that time, I had said no to more places than I can remember based on one minor detail, but that didn't faze Malena. She'd smile, adjust the search accordingly, and we'd move on to the next place.) She was always optimistic, even when I was ready to give up, and also practical, which helped when I needed clarity on what I would be spending vs. what I would be getting. She's also extremely intelligent, articulate, poised and was able to advocate for me when sellers had more than one option. Malena will work tirelessly to help you find the home of your dreams. She certainly did with me, and I'm grateful to her for that. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for their perfect home, and when that time comes again that I'm looking to buy/sell, Malena will be the agent I call!"

San Diego


“Malena is experienced, professional, is hyper-responsive and is a very positive and focused advocate. She was very responsive and was available on a moment's notice and at any time to provide guidance or assistance. It was a fantastic experience and I recommend her highly.“



"I would recommend Malena as an agent for a novice to the most experienced buyer. Malena's people skills, negotiating tactic, interior design, and real estate experience and knowledge will make her an asset in your corner. She will make your real estate transaction as stress-free and seamless as possible while she takes care of all the details for you."

Bobbi Prevost


"I would describe myself as more left-brained. I know what I like, and don't, but have zero creativity and quickly discovered that I can't even articulate what I really want in a space. Somehow, despite this, Malena managed to grasp what I wanted and bring it to life! She's able to go out and find the house for you as a Realtor, and then set it up so that you just walk right in and relax! I have very little time, and trusted her completely to go out and just design/decorate my home. Her vision for my house was perfect for me. She possesses a willingness to do whatever it takes, pulling in other trades to get the job done as rooms were renovated, and acts with the utmost discretion and confidentiality."

Greg R.


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